Premises for Adapting Curriculum and Educational Package to Labor Market Requirements

Luise Mladen, Rocsana Tonis (Bucea-Manea)


From all times it has been demonstrated that human resource is the most important and valuable asset for a company. Investing in human resource training and education should be a priority for organizations and universities. As the investments to bring benefits for economy the communication and collaboration between organizations (market) and universities (school) must be very close. As a consequence the scope of the paper was to identify the measures necessary to improve the existing university curriculum by linking with the labor market requirements. In this regard was implemented a market research within, “Adapt2jobs” POSDRU project, in 2 steps: a survey for organization and a survey for students. The article presents the results of the qualitative and quantitative results of the analysis regarding the market demand, the requirements of organizations for employees.


adapt2jobs, market research, market requirements on human resources, university curriculum

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